When you think of visiting a chiropractor, you’re more than likely planning on  getting treatment for your spine or joints. Many people don’t realize that chiropractors can help with congestion and pain in your sinuses. Sinus infections, colds, or seasonal allergies can mean intense sinus pain.  Did you know that you can get relief from a chiropractor?

Your sinuses are made up of eight hollow spaces in the bones of the forehead, cheeks, and temples. When you’re healthy, you have open sinuses lined with a layer of mucus that filters out dust, dirt, and other pollutants you inhale while adding moisture, so you don’t feel dried out. Problems can arise when you find yourself with allergies, sinusitis, or a sinus infection

When you have allergies, sinusitis, a sinus infection, or a cold or virus, your sinuses’ linings become inflamed. The inflamed tissue swells up, fills with mucus, and cannot drain as it usually would. All of this results in increased pressure in your sinuses that causes pain and swelling around the eyes, congestion, quite possibly even chills, fever, and dizziness.

If you cough along with your sinusitis symptoms, you may find that coughing causes a lot of tension and stress throughout your body but mainly focused on the joints. If you have a cold or infection that causes chest congestion and phlegm, your chiropractor can help with that and your sinus pain and congestion.

When working with a patient who has sinus, allergy, or cold-related issues, the focus is on the thoracic spine, which is the part of the spine that runs from the base of the neck down to the abdomen and working directly on the sinuses focusing on the maxillary and frontal sinuses.

Movement of the fluids in these cavities is crucial to relieving pain. When things start blocking up, more pain and congestion is the result.

We use a small chiropractic instrument called an activator that creates a focused impulse. This tool is used for different types of chiropractic adjustments and works well for in instances of sinus pain, jaw pain, joint irritation, and working with children.

After this sort of sinus adjustment, we recommend regular use of a saline solution to keep your nasal passages clear as you’re healing. Be sure to avoid foods that make you congested (for many people, this includes dairy) and stay hydrated.

If you’re experiencing pressure in your sinuses, sinus headaches, or pain and congestion associated with allergies, chiropractic care may be able to help you avoid antibiotics. This drug-free treatment for sinus pain and congestion is an excellent alternative to prescription medication that may have accompanying harmful side effects. 

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