Be grateful. Having gratitude for the things in your life will boost your morale and help you get more work done. Those you are not aware and grateful for all the good things in your life can set you on a path to failure. Many solutions to perceived problems can be found within ourselves, the first step is to recognize what we do have.

Being grateful does not mean that you are fooling yourself into believing that everything in your life is perfect. What it means is being thankful for things that go well for you. The fact that you were up to see the sunrise, someone bought your coffee at the drive-thru this morning or maybe you just had a really good day!

A few ways to be mindful and practice gratitude.

Say thank you to people you appreciate.

Smile and greet others even if you don’t know them.

Listen to others.

Appreciate beauty.

Savor a good meal.

Appreciate quality time spent with a good friend or family member you love.

Try it and see how good you feel.