Just Eat Real Food (JERF)

Diet, diet, diet. Keto Diet, Paleo Diet. Whole 30, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, so many diets to choose from. We hate the word diet. Diet no matter in what form seems to mean denial. You are denying yourself something because you think you need to lose weight.

What if you forget about the word diet and just ate real food? Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, farm raised meats and lots of water! Not only is it delicious but it will take the guesswork out of what you are putting in your mouth. If it is processed, don’t eat it.

Some reasons to eat real foods:

  • Real Food is loaded with nutrients
  • Real Food is low in sugar
  • Real food is heart healthy
  • Real food is high in fiber
  • Real food is good for the environment
  • Real food helps control your blood sugar
  • Real food is good for your skin
  • Real food provides the healthy fats you need
  • Real food saves you money
  • Real food supports your local farmers and economy
  • Real food tastes good

Get more real foods in your diet by shopping local whenever you can. Local bakeries for your whole grains, hit the farmer’s market for in season produce. Eat organic butter and ditch the chemical laden margarine. Replace canola oils with olive and coconut oils. Replace your white flour with whole wheat flour. Trade in your white rice for brown rice. Increase your vegetable intake, eat veggies at EVERY meal! Cut out soda, completely. Just don’t drink it. Skip the processed food aisle. Make your own homemade treats.

In a very short time you will not only feel better, but you will look better and you never know you might even lose a little weight!