Neck Pain?

No, we are not talking about your spouse or kids,–we mean a real pain in your neck. Having a pain in the neck for some of us is a daily thing and for others, perhaps once in a while. Regardless, most of us will suffer from neck pain at one time or another.

Neck pain is caused by different things and is not uncommon. It can be caused by your pillow, how you sleep, how you sit at work…..there’s myriad of reasons why your neck may be bothering you.


If you’ve ever woken up and felt pain in your neck you probably say to yourself, “I slept wrong”. Hyperextension of the neck muscles for a long period of time is the likely culprit for this common type of pain.

Poor Posture

Our posture is highly important, and if you have poor posture your neck is going to feel it. If your head is tilted forward even slightly during any activity, then it places stress and strain on your neck and shoulders, eventually leading to pain. Today, mobile devices are a common cause of neck pain, as we spend half our day looking down at them! Sit up straight!

Old Injuries

Were you in a car accident in the past? Maybe you participated in sports in which you ran into people or jumped and turned frequently? All of these could lead to neck pain down the road.

How Can We Help

First, we need to determine what the cause of your pain. Once we get to the root of the problem, we can come up with a treatment plan to get your neck feeling good again.

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