The holidays are a fun and joyous time for everyone, but they are also a very busy one. As adults, we get stressed out, so imagine how the small ones feel. Stress and anxiety in children does happen during the holidays. There are lots of fun activities and events going on, both at home and at school. That can be a good thing, the reality is that all that hustle and bustle means schedules are often out of whack, bedtimes get pushed back, and routines are disrupted. The result is holiday stress for your kids.
Set a Good Example
The most important way parents can help calm anxiety in their children during the holidays is by trying to keep things relaxed. If you let holiday stress get to you, your kids will definitely pick up on it, and child anxiety is more likely to be a problem in your house. Don’t stress yourself out trying to create a perfect holiday for your child. Go with the flow and then your holiday will be perfect for your family!
Don’t Set Your Children Up to Fail
Avoid taking children to places such as the mall or parties when they are hungry or tired. It’s hard for adults to deal with noise and lots of stimulation when they’re hungry or tired, imagine your 3-year old. Everyone feels more holiday stress when they are hungry, tired or hot.
Keep Your Routine Alive
The holidays can throw your household routines into chaos, that can play a role in anxiety in children. To minimize stress in your kids, try to keep your routines as close to normal as possible and get them back on track if you get sidetracked by an event or a party.
Food is Critical
Healthy eating is the first thing to go during the holidays. Extra sugary holiday snacks and the lack of time to sit down to regular meals all contributes to anxiety and stress in kids. Try packing healthy snacks when you must go shopping or run other holiday errands and try to minimize the number of sweet treats at home.
Fresh Air and Exercise
Fresh air and exercise are essential for boosting mood and keeping anxiety levels ow. Playtime is key to a child’s well-being all year round!
Avoid Overscheduling
Don’t accept every invitation. Stick to the ones that have meaning to you and your family. Don’t do it just to do it! A couple of events a week may be fine, but having an obligation every day can lead to holiday stress for you and your children.

Schedule Down Time
Having peace and quiet with your child is more important than ever during the busy holiday season. Nap schedules, quiet playtime and regular family meals should be figured into your holiday plans.
Remember What the Holidays Are About
Be kind to yourself and others during the holiday season. Visit an elderly neighbor, make goodies for a family or co-workers. Make some handmade cards for the elderly in a nursing home. Have your kids help! Share the spirit of the season and everyone will have a memorable holiday!!

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